Salop Design and Engineering Ensures Health and Safety Compliance at Manufacturing Facility with Avigilon High-Definition Surveillance System

Mar 4, 2013


Leading UK manufacturer of metal pressings secures employee safety, improves stock control by 100 percent, and reduces cost of theft

VANCOUVER, CANADA – March 5, 2013 – Avigilon (TSX:AVO), a leader in high-definition (HD) and megapixel video surveillance solutions, today announced that Salop Design and Engineering Limited, one of the United Kingdom’s leading manufacturers of metal pressings and assemblies for the automotive, domestic appliances, and construction industries has deployed the Avigilon high-definition surveillance system to ensure health and safety compliance and protect its investment in equipment and materials.

 “We rely on the Avigilon system to ensure that everyone is working safely. This is critical in our business which is heavily regulated from a health and safety point of view,” said Christopher Greenough, director of production at Salop Design and Engineering. “Since deploying the Avigilon high-definition surveillance system, we’ve also improved stock control by 100 percent and cut the cost of covering stolen or damaged materials.”

 Salop Design and Engineering can effectively ensure health and safety compliance and use footage as a training tool to ensure employees follow industry procedures to prevent future accidents. In addition, users can successfully investigate incidents within minutes of occurring to better protect valuable materials stored on site and reduce the risk of theft, damage, or health and safety violations. The company can monitor productivity of high-capacity machines to meet target run rates and quickly and accurately determine cause of production delays to offset potential losses.

 “With heavy equipment running at high-capacity to meet growing customer demand, Salop Design and Engineering required a cost-effective surveillance solution to monitor activity across its 80,000 square foot facility,” said Bryan Schmode, executive vice president of global sales at Avigilon. “The Avigilon high-definition surveillance system delivers the superior image quality, intuitive management software, and robustness Salop Design and Engineering needs to ensure health and safety compliance, and better protect valuable metal materials stored on onsite.”

 Users manage the surveillance system from their desktops using Avigilon Control Center (ACC) with High-Definition Stream Management™ (HDSM.) The company installed Avigilon HD cameras ranging from 2 MP to 5 MP to monitor the exterior and interior of the plant and installed an Avigilon Network Video Recorder (NVR) to store up to 12 days of continuous surveillance footage. An Avigilon HD 5 MP camera monitors the main entrance and 100,000 square foot parking area to capture the license plates of vehicles entering the site, while several Avigilon HD 2 MP cameras are permanently fixed on high-capacity machines to ensure target production rates. The directors also leverage ACC Mobile to monitor the system remotely from their iPhones.

 About Avigilon

Avigilon (TSX:AVO) is defining the future of protection through innovative high-definition surveillance solutions. Delivering the world’s best image quality, our industry-leading HD network video management software and megapixel cameras are reinventing surveillance. Information about Avigilon can be found

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ACC 版本 经过摄像机测试的最新版 ACC。通常也支持更新版本的 ACC(除非具体列出)。
音频输入 接收来自摄像机的音频源。
音频输出 将音频发送到与摄像机相连的扬声器。
自动发现 在 LAN 环境中连接时,会自动发现摄像机 IP 地址。
压缩类型 描述摄像机支持的编码类型。
连接类型 描述所使用的设备驱动程序的类型。原生是指制造商指定的设备驱动程序。
去弯曲 在客户端内去除鱼眼或全景摄像机的图像弯曲现象。
数字输入 接收来自摄像头的数字或中继输入。
数字输出 触发物理连接到摄像机的数字或继电器输出。
运动 快速显示摄像机上的运动录制是否可用。
运动配置 在 ACC 客户端内配置运动检测。
运动录制 支持基于运动的录制。
PTZ 快速显示摄像机上的 PTZ 功能是否可用。
PTZ 控制 基本 PTZ 移动。
PTZ 模式/巡视 创建并触发 PTZ 模式或 PTZ 巡视的能力,具体取决于摄像机是否支持。
PTZ 预设 创建并触发 PTZ 预设位置。
单位类型 摄像机的类型。
验证方 测试摄像机并给出评测报告的组织。
已认证的固件 Specific firmware version tested.
制造商 Blah
型号 DS-2DE2103
连接类型 ONVIF
单位类型 IP PTZ 摄像机
Compression Types H.264

  • ACC 版本
  • 型号 DS-2DE2103
  • 连接类型 ONVIF
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