It’s an Exciting Time to Partner with Avigilon.

The Avigilon Plus Program, which is currently available in Canada and the United States, is designed to reward Avigilon Partners and demonstrate our commitment to their success. Healthy margins, dedicated sales support, financial incentives, online training and instructor-led training options are just a few of the Avigilon Plus Program benefits to help drive our Partners’ success.

Avigilon Partners will enter the Avigilon Plus Program at the Preferred level and may progress through higher tiers by fulfilling a variety of requirements including competitive sales targets and certification requirements.

To inquire about becoming an Avigilon Partner, fill out a new partner inquiry form.

Benefits & Requirements

Program Brochure

For more information on our program, contact a local Avigilon Sales Representative.

Tier Challenge Program

Avigilon Partners interested in upgrading to a higher tier will need to apply for the Tier Challenge Program. To apply for the Tier Challenge Program, contact your Avigilon Sales Representative.

Eligibility: Preferred and Premier Partners

Requirements: A list of opportunities for the upcoming quarter that adds up to the prorated sales target. Contact Sales for the Tier Challenge Sales Targets.

Reward Timing: On application approval

Progress Review: Quarterly—Partner must meet or exceed tier sales target to maintain tier level

Why You Should Partner with Avigilon.

Technology Innovation

We believe that we have developed the strongest portfolio of video analytics and artificial intelligence technologies in the industry. Our products are designed to provide our users with the actionable information they need to make decisions.

Manufacturing Excellence

We are proud to manufacture our products and technologies in North America, bringing our customers superior quality control, production efficiencies and faster times to market.

Best-in-Class Support

Our customer service and 24/7 technical support teams consistently achieve a 97% customer satisfaction rating. We have well-trained and passionate representatives who deliver fast, efficient and effective customer service.


ACC 版本 经过摄像机测试的最新版 ACC。通常也支持更新版本的 ACC(除非具体列出)。
音频输入 接收来自摄像机的音频源。
音频输出 将音频发送到与摄像机相连的扬声器。
自动发现 在 LAN 环境中连接时,会自动发现摄像机 IP 地址。
压缩类型 描述摄像机支持的编码类型。
连接类型 描述所使用的设备驱动程序的类型。原生是指制造商指定的设备驱动程序。
去弯曲 在客户端内去除鱼眼或全景摄像机的图像弯曲现象。
数字输入 接收来自摄像头的数字或中继输入。
数字输出 触发物理连接到摄像机的数字或继电器输出。
运动 快速显示摄像机上的运动录制是否可用。
运动配置 在 ACC 客户端内配置运动检测。
运动录制 支持基于运动的录制。
PTZ 快速显示摄像机上的 PTZ 功能是否可用。
PTZ 控制 基本 PTZ 移动。
PTZ 模式/巡视 创建并触发 PTZ 模式或 PTZ 巡视的能力,具体取决于摄像机是否支持。
PTZ 预设 创建并触发 PTZ 预设位置。
单位类型 摄像机的类型。
验证方 测试摄像机并给出评测报告的组织。
已认证的固件 Specific firmware version tested.
制造商 Blah
型号 DS-2DE2103
连接类型 ONVIF
单位类型 IP PTZ 摄像机
Compression Types H.264

  • ACC 版本
  • 型号 DS-2DE2103
  • 连接类型 ONVIF
  • 制造商 Blah
  • 制造商 Blah
  • 制造商 Blah
  • 制造商 Blah
  • 制造商 Blah
  • 制造商 Blah
  • 制造商 Blah
  • 制造商 Blah
  • 制造商 Blah