Video Case Study: Jobsite Security and Surveillance Group


Jobsite Security and Surveillance group needed to secure storage yards, construction and mining sites located outdoors throughout the US. They needed a security solution that was mobile, could be accessed remotely, work with their existing cameras and withstand various weather conditions.


The Avigilon Blue platform provided Jobsite Security and Surveillance a flexible security solution; as their customer sites evolved and moved, they can move their Avigilon Blue Connect devices with it. Avigilon Blue’s easy to setup and connect system allows Jobsite to be up and running at their customer sites quickly. With the click of a button, they can add cameras to the system and monitor all their customers' sites from one central location.


Jobsite Security has benefited from their ability to monitor their customers' sites from anywhere with Avigilon Blue. Since everything is web-based, Jobsite Security employees can review and verify alarms on the go, even on their mobile device. By monitoring customer sites remotely, Avigilon Blue gives Jobsite Security and Surveillance the opportunity to create additional recurring monthly revenue.


Avigilon Blue™

Powerful new integrator cloud service platform for security and surveillance
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H4 SL 摄像机系列

Modular design and discreet cameras for seeing HD-quality images in darkness
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H4 微型半球摄像机

An innovative modular design to easily fit challenging, space-constrained installations
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H3 Multisensor Cameras

Full situational awareness with innovative flexible scene coverage
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ACC 版本 经过摄像机测试的最新版 ACC。通常也支持更新版本的 ACC(除非具体列出)。
音频输入 接收来自摄像机的音频源。
音频输出 将音频发送到与摄像机相连的扬声器。
自动发现 在 LAN 环境中连接时,会自动发现摄像机 IP 地址。
压缩类型 描述摄像机支持的编码类型。
连接类型 描述所使用的设备驱动程序的类型。原生是指制造商指定的设备驱动程序。
去弯曲 在客户端内去除鱼眼或全景摄像机的图像弯曲现象。
数字输入 接收来自摄像头的数字或中继输入。
数字输出 触发物理连接到摄像机的数字或继电器输出。
运动 快速显示摄像机上的运动录制是否可用。
运动配置 在 ACC 客户端内配置运动检测。
运动录制 支持基于运动的录制。
PTZ 快速显示摄像机上的 PTZ 功能是否可用。
PTZ 控制 基本 PTZ 移动。
PTZ 模式/巡视 创建并触发 PTZ 模式或 PTZ 巡视的能力,具体取决于摄像机是否支持。
PTZ 预设 创建并触发 PTZ 预设位置。
单位类型 摄像机的类型。
验证方 测试摄像机并给出评测报告的组织。
已认证的固件 Specific firmware version tested.
制造商 Blah
型号 DS-2DE2103
连接类型 ONVIF
单位类型 IP PTZ 摄像机
Compression Types H.264

  • ACC 版本
  • 型号 DS-2DE2103
  • 连接类型 ONVIF
  • 制造商 Blah
  • 制造商 Blah
  • 制造商 Blah
  • 制造商 Blah
  • 制造商 Blah
  • 制造商 Blah
  • 制造商 Blah
  • 制造商 Blah
  • 制造商 Blah