W12 0801H264H3LRdomeInstalled H.264 HD Dome Camera
H264HDDomeIndoorSide1140x640revH.264 HD Dome Camera Indoor Side
H264HDDomeIndoorTop1140x640rev2H.264 HD Dome Camera Indoor Top
H264HDDomeindoorCamera1140x640H.264 HD Dome Camera Indoor
W12 0801H264H3LRdome H264HDDomeIndoorSide1140x640rev H264HDDomeIndoorTop1140x640rev2 H264HDDomeindoorCamera1140x640

Mount. Aim. Done. Quick install with remote zoom and focus.

Avigilon’s 2 MP H.264 dome camera provides coverage suitable for office entrances, retail spaces, hotels and restaurants in HD detail with fluid motion. The 2 MP H.264 dome camera operates on the H3 platform and is ONVIF compliant for no-hassle integration with Avigilon Control Center and other leading VMS software and installs quickly and easily with remote zoom and focus.

On-board Camera Features

H3 Platform

Next-generation H.264 platform provides enhanced HDSM features, greater resolution support and improved low-light performance

H3 Platform

ONVIF Compliant

ONVIF compliance allows for support from Avigilon Control Center and other leading VMS

ONVIF Compliant

P-Iris Control

Precisely controls the amount of light entering the lens to improve image quality and reduce optical errors

P-Iris Control

Remote Focus & Zoom

With remote zoom and focus included in the lens, installation only requires mounting and aiming.

Remote Focus & Zoom

Day / Night Functions

Capture detailed high-quality images in both day and nighttime settings

Day / Night Functions

Adaptive IR

Adaptive IR adjusts the width of the IR beam, and adjusts illumination settings based on scene conditions, to maximize image quality

Adaptive IR

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Avigilon End To End System

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2 MP

1920 x 1080 Pixels

Our 2 MP camera provides greater coverage while still maintaining exceptional image detail.

2mp large

Mounting Options


Indoor Dome

Indoor dome mount for H.264 cameras


Outdoor Dome

Outdoor, IP66 rated, IK10 and vandal-proof, integrated heater


Outdoor Dome Pendant

Outdoor, IP66 rated, vandal-proof, pendant mounted, integrated heater. Compatible with MNT-PEND-WALL bracket.


Indoor Dome In-ceiling

Flush-mounted ceiling option for indoor dome cameras

adaptive ir dome

Indoor Dome with Adaptive IR

Indoor Dome with IR illuminators to optimize lighting levels, blur reduction and image quality in darkness


Outdoor Dome with Adaptive IR

Outdoor Dome with IR illuminators to optimize lighting levels, blur reduction and image quality in darkness

Sample Footage

convention 149

Convention Center

High image rates for capturing real-time video in busy public places.