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Avigilon Control Center™
Video management software for security professionals

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Unusual Motion Detection
Bringing a new level of automation to surveillance

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Appearance Search™ technology

The new way
to search video

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Avigilon Self-learning
Video Analytics

Smarter preventative
protection to keep
valuable assets safe

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Surveillance software that works the way you do

We believe powerful software doesn't have to be complicated. That's why Avigilon Control Center (ACC)™ video management software gives you control over your workstation with a simplified screen layout, intuitive controls, and customizable features that improve multi-person interactions.

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Smart, intuitive, and friendly

See how an advanced system can actually be easy to use. ACC provides powerful features that help users search video, set up analytics devices, define rules and alarms for analytics events, and use Appearance Search™ technology to find people and vehicles.

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Reveal events you may have missed

Avigilon Unusual Motion Detection (UMD) technology is an advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology that brings a new level of automation to surveillance, by revealing events that may have otherwise been missed.

Without any predefined rules or setup, UMD technology is able to continuously learn what typical activity in a scene looks like, and then detect and flag unusual motion.

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Find the images you need faster than ever

Find small changes in large areas with sub-region thumbnail searching. Navigate quickly with camera-specific event logs. Quickly search through alarms, point-of-sale transactions, license plates and bookmarks.

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Just plug and play

ACC was designed with openness in mind. Avigilon video management software enables easy integration with other leading camera and hardware manufacturers.

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Make the most of your existing systems

Avigilon scalable software integrates with existing legacy systems, including access control and building management. Our distributed architecture with .NET based API makes it easy.

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Synchronize servers to keep settings safe
Crash-proof enterprise server management

ACC 6.0's crash-proof enterprise server management allows you to group up to 100 servers at single location together and act as one single unit with no need for a dedicated management server. So if one server goes down, the others are still fully operational—meaning all of your user settings, events, alarms and other important information will stay intact, preventing delays and minimizing the impact on your resources.

Available in: Enterprise


Includes advanced features to make it the most powerful, open HD surveillance platform on the market. Supports up to 128 cameras and unlimited server connections.

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Remote viewing from any device

ACC Mobile offers superior preventative protection and lets you monitor live and recorded video over wireless IP networks from the convenience of your Apple or Android mobile device.

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Sharp image detail with digital zoom

Read license plates from across a parking lot. Get evidence-quality facial recognition. All with Avigilon Control Center and HDSM™ technology.

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Video analytics integration

Avigilon Control Center integrates with our analytics appliances for real-time event detection and object verification. Together, these technologies create a powerful surveillance solution that accurately detects activity, which helps prevent damage to property or assets.

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Our entry-level software delivers advanced high-definition surveillance capabilities and ease-of-use for smaller businesses.

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Supports up to 48 cameras per server. It’s a cost-effective security solution that meets the vital and focused needs of mid-size operations.

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Supports an unlimited number of cameras and servers. Includes advanced features to make it a powerful, open platform for large-scale surveillance needs.

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ACC Version Last version of ACC tested with camera. This also implies support for later versions of ACC unless specifically listed otherwise.
Audio Input Receive audio feed from camera.
Audio Output Send audio to speaker attached to camera.
Autodiscovery Automatic discovery of camera IP address when connected within a LAN environment.
Compression Type Describes the encoding types supported for the camera.
Connection Type Describes the type of Device Driver used. Native refers to the Manufacturer's specific device driver.
Dewarping In-Client dewarping of fisheye or panoramic cameras.
Digital Input Receive Digital or Relay inputs from camera.
Digital output Trigger digital or relay outputs physically connected to a camera.
Motion Quick display of whether Motion Recording is available on for the camera.
Motion Configuration Configuration of motion detection within the ACC Client.
Motion Recording Support for motion-based recording.
PTZ Quick display of whether PTZ functionality is available for camera.
PTZ Control Basic PTZ Movement.
PTZ Patterns/Tours Ability to create and trigger either PTZ Patterns, or PTZ Tours, depending on camera support.
PTZ Presets Create and trigger PTZ Preset positions.
Unit Type Type of camera.
Verified By Organization which tested camera and reported capabilities.
Verified Firmware Specific firmware version tested.
Manufacturer Blah
Model DS-2DE2103
Connection Type ONVIF
Unit Type IP PTZ camera
Compression Types H.264

  • ACC Version
  • Model DS-2DE2103
  • Connection Type ONVIF
  • Manufacturer Blah
  • Manufacturer Blah
  • Manufacturer Blah
  • Manufacturer Blah
  • Manufacturer Blah
  • Manufacturer Blah
  • Manufacturer Blah
  • Manufacturer Blah
  • Manufacturer Blah

Verified by:

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