Providing a welcoming and safe environment for patients, staff and visitors while protecting millions of dollars in technology and equipment is a challenge. Keep your assets safe and your patients safer with the image detail and protection only Avigilon can provide.

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Keep every patient and staff member safe with Avigilon’s end-to-end solutions. Our access control solutions combined with the industry’s most powerful HD network video management software provides a seamless end-to-end solution.

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ETMC 300

Protect patients and assets with HD video.

Avigilon’s high-definition surveillance solutions give you unparalleled image detail, allowing you to see incidents as they happen, minimizing response times and protecting your most valuable assets.

Protecting Staff and Patients: East Texas Medical Center

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Integrate with your existing system, on budget.

Avigilon enables you to seamlessly integrate your existing security infrastructure with our security solutions. One hospital integrated nine Avigilon analog video encoders with 28 existing analog cameras to create an effective hybrid solution.

Learn how Exempla Healthcare migrated from analog with Avigilon

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Review and resolve staff and patient incidents.

The advanced search capabilities of Avigilon Control Center let you find out what happened and review incidents quickly to reduce false liability claims, prevent injury and save operational costs.

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HDSM icon

Reduce storage and bandwidth costs with HDSM technology.

Avigilon’s HDSM technology efficiently manages storage and bandwidth to reduce costs and prevent system slowdowns, so you’re always seeing the footage you want, when you want it.

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Manage access to restricted areas from anywhere.

Avigilon Access Control Manager is web-based, so you can manage access to restricted areas from anywhere with an internet connection. You’re no longer tied to a single workstation or control room.

Case Studies

UNITED STATES | Learn how Southside Medical Center reduced investigation time and improved patient safety for its 30,000 patients with an Avigilon HD Surveillance System.

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UNITED STATES | Learn how Damar Services leverages Avigilon Control Center to enhance the safety of residents and train staff across their 46 acre main campus.

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FINLAND | Learn how Tampere reduced incidents of violence and crime, protected its patients and 5,600-plus employees, and improved overall best practices in their health care facilities.

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UNITED STATES | Charlotte Hungerford Hospital needed a cost-effective, comprehensive security solution that could protect patients and staff across multiple locations while still being flexible enough to scale with the hospital’s growing needs.

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ACC Version Last version of ACC tested with camera. This also implies support for later versions of ACC unless specifically listed otherwise.
Audio Input Receive audio feed from camera.
Audio Output Send audio to speaker attached to camera.
Autodiscovery Automatic discovery of camera IP address when connected within a LAN environment.
Compression Type Describes the encoding types supported for the camera.
Connection Type Describes the type of Device Driver used. Native refers to the Manufacturer's specific device driver.
Dewarping In-Client dewarping of fisheye or panoramic cameras.
Digital Input Receive Digital or Relay inputs from camera.
Digital output Trigger digital or relay outputs physically connected to a camera.
Motion Quick display of whether Motion Recording is available on for the camera.
Motion Configuration Configuration of motion detection within the ACC Client.
Motion Recording Support for motion-based recording.
PTZ Quick display of whether PTZ functionality is available for camera.
PTZ Control Basic PTZ Movement.
PTZ Patterns/Tours Ability to create and trigger either PTZ Patterns, or PTZ Tours, depending on camera support.
PTZ Presets Create and trigger PTZ Preset positions.
Unit Type Type of camera.
Verified By Organization which tested camera and reported capabilities.
Verified Firmware Specific firmware version tested.
Manufacturer Blah
Model DS-2DE2103
Connection Type ONVIF
Unit Type IP PTZ camera
Compression Types H.264

  • ACC Version
  • Model DS-2DE2103
  • Connection Type ONVIF
  • Manufacturer Blah
  • Manufacturer Blah
  • Manufacturer Blah
  • Manufacturer Blah
  • Manufacturer Blah
  • Manufacturer Blah
  • Manufacturer Blah
  • Manufacturer Blah
  • Manufacturer Blah

Verified by:

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