With facilities and students spread across large school grounds or multiple campuses, the monitoring of education facilities brings special challenges. Ensuring student safety and reducing vandalism to valuable campus property is paramount. Keep students and property safe with Avigilon solutions.


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School Safety and Security
Avigilon Solutions for Education

Avigilon provides a complete set of surveillance solutions that help you create a safe and secure environment and protect what is most valuable—your students, staff and faculty.

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Georgetown School District Safeguards its Future

South Carolina’s Georgetown County School District (GCSD) found itself with an outdated security system that had gaps in coverage and offered little reliability. With the increased safety risks to their approximately 9,500 students and 1,400 staff throughout its 10 elementary schools, 4 middle schools, 4 high schools, career center and adult education center, the district knew it was time for a change.

Solution: GCSD deployed a complete Avigilon video security solution with Motorola radios for critical communications.

“Our new Avigilon system is intuitive and easy to use. Whether it’s one of our own employees who needs to take action or law enforcement, we have peace of mind knowing that they can do so quickly without struggling to navigate the technology.” — Alan Walters, Executive Director for Safety and Risk Management, Georgetown County School District

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Powerful Search

Quickly identify a specific person and track their route throughout the school with Avigilon Control Center (ACC) video management software with Avigilon Appearance Search™ technology. Sort through hours of footage with ease to build robust video evidence, and create a powerful narrative of events in a single export file to improve forensic investigations.

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Eagle County Schools Secured by Avigilon

"We chose Avigilon because they offer a complete security solution for schools, including the opportunity to deploy exciting new AI technologies, such as Appearance Search," says Marc Meyer, President & CEO at Inteconnex. "Over the past ten years of our partnership, Avigilon has been the right choice; quick installation time, ease of use, and exceptional customer service have made our collaboration a success."

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End to End Lockup Education

Secured Access

Instantly lock down school grounds with the push of a button using the Avigilon Access Control Manager (ACM) system. The H4 Video Intercom helps maintain a secure perimeter by allowing operators to communicate with school visitors and approve or deny access at main entry points.

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Prioritizing Safety at Fulton County Schools

The challenge: upgrade an obsolete video surveillance system to better protect staff and students.

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Preventative Protection

Avigilon self-learning video analytics recognize the movements and characteristics of people and vehicles while ignoring any activity that isn't relevant to a scene, and allow operators to receive instant alerts of events on school grounds. Improve preventative protection to help keep both students and staff safe.

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Efficient Bandwidth Management

Avigilon High Definition Stream Management (HDSM)™ and Avigilon HDSM SmartCodec™ technologies work together to significantly reduce bandwidth and storage needs, while maintaining image quality.

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Case Studies

UNITED STATES | Prioritizing Safety at Fulton County Schools with Avigilon Trusted Security Solutions

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DENMARK | CBS needed a comprehensive, non-invasive security solution capable of monitoring the movement of large numbers of people over wide areas, to deter crime without detracting from the school’s inclusive and welcoming atmosphere.

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UNITED STATES | Learn how Liberty Public Schools deployed an integrated access control and video surveillance system to protect students, staff, and assets and create the safest learning environment for students.

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UNITED STATES | BPS needed a complete security solution to proactively address negative behavior in a middle school that faced vandalism, graffiti and bullying, and to help decrease at-school incidents and crime rates.

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ACC Version Last version of ACC tested with camera. This also implies support for later versions of ACC unless specifically listed otherwise.
Audio Input Receive audio feed from camera.
Audio Output Send audio to speaker attached to camera.
Autodiscovery Automatic discovery of camera IP address when connected within a LAN environment.
Compression Type Describes the encoding types supported for the camera.
Connection Type Describes the type of Device Driver used. Native refers to the Manufacturer's specific device driver.
Dewarping In-Client dewarping of fisheye or panoramic cameras.
Digital Input Receive Digital or Relay inputs from camera.
Digital output Trigger digital or relay outputs physically connected to a camera.
Motion Quick display of whether Motion Recording is available on for the camera.
Motion Configuration Configuration of motion detection within the ACC Client.
Motion Recording Support for motion-based recording.
PTZ Quick display of whether PTZ functionality is available for camera.
PTZ Control Basic PTZ Movement.
PTZ Patterns/Tours Ability to create and trigger either PTZ Patterns, or PTZ Tours, depending on camera support.
PTZ Presets Create and trigger PTZ Preset positions.
Unit Type Type of camera.
Verified By Organization which tested camera and reported capabilities.
Verified Firmware Specific firmware version tested.
Manufacturer Blah
Model DS-2DE2103
Connection Type ONVIF
Unit Type IP PTZ camera
Compression Types H.264

  • ACC Version
  • Model DS-2DE2103
  • Connection Type ONVIF
  • Manufacturer Blah
  • Manufacturer Blah
  • Manufacturer Blah
  • Manufacturer Blah
  • Manufacturer Blah
  • Manufacturer Blah
  • Manufacturer Blah
  • Manufacturer Blah
  • Manufacturer Blah

Verified by:

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